1. Is there a charge for setting up?

    No, the hire charge starts when the staff arrive.

  2. What time do the bar staff to arrive?

    The staff will arrive 30 minutes before your guests to set up the bar.

  3. What does the hire include?

    It includes the use of out facilities and bar staff.

  4. Do we have to tidy up afterwards?

    The Bar staff will tidy up during the evening and after your event.

  5. Do you provide Door Security?

    If Security is required it's the hirers responsibility.

  6. What time can we decorate the club?

    You can have access on the day to decorate. You are responsible for letting in outside caterers and DJ/Bands.

  7. Can we decorate the club

    You can but we don't allow Selotape or Bluetac on the wallpaper

  8. Do you have a P.A.?

    We don't have a P.A. The Club has a music system with an amp and speakers, this is compatible with a laptop or iPod.

  9. Do you sell Real Ales by the barrel.

    We have a selection of real ales by the bottle, however if you wanted a barrel we can source it and have it ready for your event. There is an up-front charge for this, but we can re-sell to your guests and repay you for the pints sold.

  10. Can we put money behind the bar?

    Yes and we can give you a running total.

  11. How do we pay our deposit?

    You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

  12. How much is the deposit?


  13. Do you take Credit/Debit Cards or a card machine?

    We don't we have a cash-only bar.

  14. Do you have a DJ?

    We don't but can recommend DJ's and bands.

  15. Can we do our own catering?

    Yes you are welcome to provide your own food, however we do have an in-house caterer, see catering page

  16. Can we bring own drinks?

    You are welcome to bring own drinks in for a welcome drink, we will provide flutes and serve your guests on arrival. The charge for this is £3.50 per bottle.

  17. Do you do 18th Birthday Parties

    No, we do not hire to under 18 year olds, however we will consider family parties at the discretion of the Bookings Manager.

  18. Is there parking at the Club?

    Yes, parking is unrestricted in the Embankment, except for match on days.